TrackIt is a geospatial support company based in San Juan, Puerto Rico; with current geo data banks for Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. One of the leading GIS analysis firms in the Island, TrackIt has a dedicated team of passionate professionals providing unique and accurate technical support for the design, construction, and operation of state of the art geospatial projects and teams since 1994. Our team has a proven track record in implementing sophisticated technologies and procedures to achieve clients’ goals through the incorporation of geographic information systems into their workflows, database design, system architecture, project planning, project definition, collaborative project management and web mapping integration, field data validation, photogrammetry and LIDAR data interpolation among others. Our multidisciplinary’s team holistic approach is our edge. 
TrackIt is committed to continuous evolution and the integration of new technologies and methodologies to provide avante gard solutions and services in every client interaction.



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Use Cases

Award Winner: "Multi Approach Post Storm Assistance Tool" (MAPSTAT) | 2017 thru 2018

Using PRIME, TrackIt’s profesional group developed a Multi Approach Post Storm Assistance Tool (MAPSTAT). MAPSTAT was developed to meet the requirements of the Puerto Rico Telecommunications Regulatory Board’s response to Hurricane Maria. MAPSTAT integrated, mapped, analyzed and reported the status of critical cellphone towers and sites using the platforms described below and proprietary geographical data such as sectors, structures and location intelligence. Although initially used by the Board, MAPSTAT became a valuable tool for multiagency use.

Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (PRASA) │2011 thru 2012

Integration of the geo-referenced addresses to the Puerto Rico Aqueducts and Sewers Authority (PRASA) client’s list to facilitate the work, flow, and identification of the information using Geographic Information System (GIS). Connecting the water distribution network to the physical structure’s water meters and update mapping capabilities to a 1:2,000 scale in the urban areas.