We integrate geographic information systems into your;


Cases or asset geocoding with proprietary information to reveal and visualize scenarios related to multiple geographic datasets to analyze complex situations.

Example: Critical Medical facilities location related to positive SARS-CoV-2 within sectors over the San Juan Metro area in Puerto Rico (May 2020)

Data cleaning, data correction, and geographic visualization

Integration of the geo-referenced addresses client’s list to facilitate the work, flow, and identification of the information using Geographic Information System (GIS). Connecting the distribution network to the physical structure’s meters and update mapping capabilities to a 1:2,000 scale in the urban areas.

Property use, property type, property value, and property characteristics analysis

We are experts at integrating geographic driven technical skills to provide practical solutions to our clients. We verified data related to structure locations owned by our client, their physical addresses, coordinates for each building within the plots, and validation of information conducive to its identification. We reviewed and searched existing digitized information available at the client site and migrated geographical data from their legacy systems.